Red Spinel

The king of Spinel family, Majestic Red Spinel

True Red Spinel can be found only in few mines in Mogok, Burma. These days, top quality Red Spinels are dearer then Ruby in terms of rarity and price. No wonder that in Yangon, Ruby considered now as “poor man” Spinel. Gemcal has already paid a lot of respect to the returning King; articles about the nature and history of this fabulous gem are available for you to read. It should be pointed out that according to the GIA/AGL Grading System, Spinel’s Clarity Ranking is as of type # 2, which means that a certain level of inclusions in a specific type should be accepted as natural property. In a world where more gemstones are being treated with heat, radiation, beryllium or even glass, Spinel, a totally natural, treatment free  gemstone is beckoning like the Last Mohican from the hills and the valleys of Mogok, Burma.

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