Like the most magnificent thunderstorm, the Grey Spinel dazzles with its moods, a range of chic, elegant shades, its tones and enthralling warmth.

If you are tired of flamboyance and looking for balanced sophistication, Grey Spinel is the answer. The cool, contemplative shades of grey will clearly keep you apart from madding crowd of everyday colors.  Unlike the meditative emptiness of white nor the aggressive depressive black, grey is right in the rational, mature center.

 And yet grey gemstones have had less exposure in jewelry; although the first historically known diamonds were grey or black, due to the lack of cutting technology, almost as soon as those techniques were invented, grey gemstones took on a minor role, with most collectors opting for more dazzling colors or the clear “white” stones.


Yet, these fashion-forward grey stones, and the Grey Spinel in particular, possess a singular quality; signaling an understated but eloquent rareness as well as incredible beauty. An outstanding stone that conveys a certain knowledge – an unperturbed understanding and acceptance of the complexities of life – that feels almost timeless in any era.

Grey Spinel offers an even richer palette than the seldom-seen grey diamond, with intense shades of silver, titanium, platinum, gunmetal and even navy. The human eye can distinguish up to 500 shades of grey, making this seemingly subtle color one of the most intriguing in the gemstone world. 

The fashion industry is just one of the many design areas leveraging grey’s multifaceted palette in garments from wedding dresses to hip menswear.


Visually and viscerally, Grey Spinel also has a significant size advantage: with 5-carat, 10-carat and even larger stones, this gem can have an almost primeval effect on designer, wearer and spectator.

Perhaps these are the reasons for the rising trend of grey among young designers, this non-color color appeals to those who want to calm the loud, over chromatic buzz and create their own harmony. Suddenly, red, blue, pink and green look far too ordinary to those who live in and out their digital gadgets. The Gothic charm of Metallic Grey, the sleekness of a titanium, or the purity of glacier  resonate as distinct fashion statements.  The future of the Y and K generation is not bleak: It is Rocket Metallic, Cool Grey, or Krupp Steel Spinel-bright.

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