Heinsberg Cut Blue Zircon, 3.61 Cts. , (6094)

The "Heinsberg Cut" Blue Zircon, inspired by Walter White of "Breaking Bad" fame and named after physicist Werner Heisenberg. This cut mirrors the uncertainty principle, capturing the elusive "Heinsberg Blue" hue. Embodying the essence of the principle, this gem radiates distinctive charm, where clarity in one aspect coexists with intriguing uncertainty in others.

SKU : 6094

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Type :

Blue Zircon

Origin :


Color :

Sky Blue

Saturation :

Moderate to Light

Clarity :

Nearly Loupe Clean

Shape :

Hiesenberg Cut

Cut :

Crown and Pavilion Star Cut

Approx. dimensions :

7.45 X 11.3 X4.8

Approx. weight in Cts :


Enhancement :

Heat Treatment

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