Pair Pears of Caribbean Blue Zircon 6.57 Cts.,(5187)

The magic of this top Caribbean Blue Zircon is sure to grab any designer's attention. Perfectly matched in both color and size, this set is a craftsman's dream, poised to help create unforgettable earrings!

SKU : 5187

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Type :

Blue Zircon

Origin :


Color :

Caribbean Blue

Saturation :


Clarity :

Loupe Clean

Shape :

Matched Pair Pears

Cut :

Crown Star , Pavilion Portuguese Cut

Approx. dimensions :

7.2 X 10.5 X 5 mm

Approx. weight in Cts :


Enhancement :

Heat Treatment

* All our Gems are Natural and Genuine. We buy directly from local artisan miners in Myanmar, And family run cutting workshops in Bangkok and Chanthaburi.

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