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Hemi Englisher

Hemi was born in the old port city of Jaffa in Israel, where he spent his early days trolling the beaches for shells and ceramic relics…..

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A perfect compromise between polygonality and circularity the Hexagon. Hexagon's symbolism comes from the beehive, where the bee represents the spiritual traveler, and the honey represents the spiritual input. Go transcendental!


Kite-shape gemstones are fashioned in elongated variations or shorter, somewhat squat silhouettes. kites were popular in the 20s, Art Deco's golden era, Gemcal's source of inspiration.

David Bowie

In 1962, David Bowie had come to blows with a friend, George Underwood, over a girl they were both hoping to date. Their friendship remained intact, but Bowie's left eye remained damaged, becoming an iconic feature of the Rock legend. Inspired by our lifelong hero we coined our mismatched matched pairs, after good old David.


The JetLiam, which means in Thai seven edges, is the brainchild of our Master cutter. K. Hmong, instinctively sensed the asymmetric form's potential. The result is no less then stunning!

The Legend of Blue Zircon & the red horn Rhino

Lustrous & Fiery : The Zircon

The Spell of Grey Spinels