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Gem Vault Application

New to Gemcal GemVault


What is GemVault?

GemVault is a place where we showcase our gem collection. “Prices”  and “Add to Cart” features are accessible only after login by personal credentials.

Who can access?

Access is granted through a unique User ID and Password. To obtain the proper credentials, please contact Hemi@gemcal.com.

How long the username is password valid for ?

Access is granted for a period of 12 months. However, we can discuss renewal in due course.

What type of payment are supported in GemVault?

Currently, we offer our personal PayPal account, Wise, and Direct Bank deposit. As a rule, we encourage our customers to engage in a dialogue with us so that we can discuss detailed description, prices, shipping, and returns. We believe in having a direct personal touch with our buyers!.