Electric Yellow Green Sphene, 2.25 Cts.s (1683)

Describing Sphene's colors is challenging. Fiery orange flashes within the green evoke autumn leaves or morning sunlight on dewy fields. Not as renowned as sapphires or diamonds, Sphene is unique. Known since 1785, it was named "sphene" in 1801 by French mineralogist Rene Just Hauy, from the Greek word for "wedge" due to crystal shape. Both names, sphene and titanite, are used by mineralogists. The square cushion here is a fine Madagascan piece, beautifully cut in the Portuguese Cut, offered at a competitive, rock-bottom price point!

SKU : 1683


Type :


Origin :


Color :

Electric Yellow Green

Saturation :


Clarity :

Nearly Loupe Clean

Shape :


Cut :

Crown Star , Pavilion Portuguese Cut

Approx. dimensions :

7.9 X 8.5 X 4.9 mm

Approx. weight in Cts :


Enhancement :

None (Natural - Untreated)

* All our Gems are Natural and Genuine. We buy directly from local artisan miners in Myanmar, And family run cutting workshops in Bangkok and Chanthaburi.

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