Scissor Cut Gray Spinel, 1.43 Cts ., (5791)

The origins of scissor-cut diamonds can be traced back to the 16th Century, evolving from traditional step-cut diamonds to acquire a distinctive and beautiful style. Recognizable by unique facets, we delved into the compatibility of Gray Spinel, a newcomer in the gem world. The results are striking, as the optical properties of Spinel harmonize seamlessly with this cutting style, imparting a distinctive antique charm while revealing the latent fiery brilliance of Gray Spinel.

SKU : 5791

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Type :


Origin :


Color :


Saturation :

Moderate to Strong

Clarity :

Loupe Clean

Shape :


Cut :

Scissor Cut

Approx. dimensions :

5.7 X 6.9X 4.2 mm

Approx. weight in Cts :


Enhancement :

None (Natural - Untreated)

* All our Gems are Natural and Genuine. We buy directly from local artisan miners in Myanmar, And family run cutting workshops in Bangkok and Chanthaburi.

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