Heinsberg Cut Blue Zircon,6.81 Cts.,(5482)

We are proud to introduce our “Heinsberg Cut” Blue Zircon. Those of you are familiar with the “Breaking Bad” can remember Walter white, the chemistry teacher turned to be the biggest drug lord of New Mexico and beyond. The name of Walt's alter ego came from Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist known as a pioneer of quantum mechanics. As a chemist, Walt would be familiar with famous scientists; likely, he took the German man as an inspiration. Heisenberg the drug lord and producer made his name with is top quality meta-amphetamine, a blue color substance coveted at the two side of the border. The Heinsberg Cut here is clearly catching up and so is the “Heinsberg Blue” color of the upcoming Zircon in our markets, characterized why certain uncertainty. Just as the “Heisenberg's uncertainty principle” states that the position and momentum of an object cannot be measured simultaneously. In other words, if one property is known, other important properties will remain uncertain! Sounds familiar?

SKU : 5482

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Type :

Blue Zircon

Origin :


Color :

Caribbean Blue

Saturation :


Clarity :

Nearly Loupe Clean

Shape :

Hiesenberg Cut

Cut :

Crown and Pavilion Star Cut

Approx. dimensions :

9.29 X 11.10 X 6.88

Approx. weight in Cts :


Enhancement :

Heat Treatment

* All our Gems are Natural and Genuine. We buy directly from local artisan miners in Myanmar, And family run cutting workshops in Bangkok and Chanthaburi.

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